How it Works

Pulling back the curtain

Vegetable Garden


The backbone of the network is our growers. Anybody can sign up to sell any amount of produce. Your tree produced a lot of lemons this year? List them with us! If you have 100-acres of lemons, list them with us! We allow growers of all sizes on the network, and strive to encourage backyard and urban farming.


Shoppers are immediately connected to all the growers in their area and can pick anything that looks good to them. We promise that you will be blown away at just how good locally sourced produce can be. And it tastes even better knowing you're supporting your neighbors!

Image by charley pangus
Food Delivery


Whenever a purchase is made, our network will assign delivery of that produce to one of our many drivers. That driver will pick up and deliver your purchase the very next day. When you buy from us, you not only get quality food at low prices, but you also support thousands of well-paying delivery jobs.