About us

Image by Maksim Shutov

A Better Food Network

Modern agriculture is not your friend. Most produce comes from large, mono-crop fields that use incredible amounts of pesticides and water to grow bland and unhealthy food. The workers and sometimes owners are paid very little. Their product is then shipped thousands of miles, where it sits on store shelves for days waiting to be purchased. This is wasteful.

We believe there is a solution. Locally grown produce consumes less energy and fewer fossil fuels than the shipped competition. Less gasoline is used, less water, fewer pesticides, and by eliminating the middlemen who profit off the current system, the growers of that produce are paid more. It also tastes better.


In the new food network we are growing, food producers can capture the full value of their work.  By decentralizing food production, we can create a more resilient system. By creating a market for local produce, we empower communities to take control of their own food supply and create a source of affordable, healthy food. Our goal is that our network will benefit every one of its users, regardless of how they choose to participate.